Since 1978, Maglificio Marilina, produces high quality garments with the finest craftsmanship for haute couture. Tradition, research, highest quality and respect for the eco-system are our core values.

Maglificio Marilina was founded in 1978 by the spouses Carlo and Patrizia Ragni, becoming part of the 'Trasimeno Cashmere Valley' context, which boasts the finest art of weaving and wool processing in Umbria - especially in the area of Perugia - as early as the end of the 1300s.


Rebranding Marilina

Maglificio Marilina’s visual identity has had a complete restyling with the aim of positioning the historic Umbrian company on the international knitwear market. A refined and recognizable logo that best represents the elegance and the highest quality of their garments.