Our Creations

Marilina excels in the production of outer knitwear and fine knitwear (finesse 14 -16 -18 - 20) on in-line electronic and cotton looms. The excellence of the final product is guaranteed by our staff, who boasts more than forty employees, and who know perfectly how to coincide the love for tradition with that of their experience and craftsmanship accompanied with the continuous updating of new techniques, making the most of the high-end machinery within the production chain.

Thanks to these professionals, to their trustworthiness and attention, Maglificio Marilina gives life to 150,000 garments every year, and are able to meet any customer's demand, both to private clients, as well as stylists of large brands.

Maglificio Marilina produces unique garments for haute couture fashion shows, created on the instructions provided by designers at important fashion houses. Leading the whole production cycle from the initial sketches, to the delivery of the finished product.

We believe that every garment must be created from a thorough selection of the yarn and the production of various samples, cared for in every detail possible with the supervision of our experts. This characterizes the creative and productive process of our Made in Italy.