Production Cycle

The complete production processes take place very efficiantly, maintaining high quality standards and maximum confidentiality of each client’s new collections being processed. Based on the stylist ‘s sketches, the choice of the material takes place. The choice of the finest yarns, the machinery used (manual or electronic), in order to create unique products, is our responsibility. Thanks to the advanced knitting technique ’Smacchinatura’, the best weaves are created. These are then stitched by hand in the ‘Rammaglio’ department and eventually washed and ironed or steam presses. Once the ironing has been carried out, the weaves pass into the hands of expert artisans, who evaluate their texture and quality.

After a first meeting with the stylist, a table of measurements is drafted and the modality of the pattern cutting (by machine or by hand) is defined. Once all knitted items are created, these will be checked carefully and passed onto the next department (rammaglio), where they will be assembled and finished by hand with a particular dot stitching. Following other quality control tests, a further washing cycle and final test on 'luminous mannequins' takes place. The items are then ironed and labels with the composition and care instructions are stitched on rigorously by hand. Finally the finished products are packed and ready to be dispatched.