Meeting the needs of the present market without compromising the primary resources of future generations has now become essential and necessary. Ethics, environment and safety are the values on which the activity and the company management system is based.
Every year Marilina guarantees a constant improvement within an


involving all its business activities and the complete supply chain.
We have achieved the standard certifications 14001 and SA8000 with the Bureau Veritas, world leaders in the services of inspection, verification of conformity and certification of high fashion products.

ETHICS:Maglificio Marilina, certified in SA 8000 since 2015, adopts an ethical management scheme that allows the us to monitor the process and compliance with set rules and that allows us to support our staff in their needs and expectations.

ENVIRONMENT:Respect for nature and conservation of our planet is the primary mission of our company; Marilina does not disperse polluting elements, makes use of renewable energy sources and practices a constant effort to modernize machinery to reduce consumption.
Marilina is a company that is working at a fast pace towards green management with 0 environmental impacts and zero waste.
Faithful to this line of thought, Marilina has joined Re.Verso: an advanced supply chain that recovers the scraps of precious yarns and transforms them through a fully integrated, traceable and made in Italy productive re-engineering.
For energy consumption, we has chosen “SCELGO PULITO”, thanks to which the company EXERGIA S.p.a. supplies the company 100% with energy produced from renewable sources.
The membership to the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification system completes our mission, this allows us to monitor environmental standards and to always achieve better objectives.

SECURITY: Safety is the basis of every job and every professional relationship. Our employees, constantly monitored on the state of health and updated on training, have the latest CE marked machinery available, and an adequate and comfortable working environment. This area is controlled both during the SA8000 and the 14001 audits in order to verify not only regulatory compliance, but also a standard that improves over time.

Ethics, environment and safety are constantly monitored, both internally and within the production process. Marilina knows very well that the company's strength lies in a strong relationship with our suppliers, with whom we've established a mutual beneficial relationship throughout the years.
For this reason, we've structured ourselves at an organizational level in order to manage our SUPPLY CHAIN in an integrated manner.
The Resources Manager and the Sustainability Area Manager have established a continuous support relationship with our suppliers to help with the various requirements that may arise: training, start-ups within the local community, compliance with organizational / ethical / environmental standards, resolution of various problems that may arise.
The Sustainability Area Manager, who manages relations with customers for anything that concerns this sector, monitors suppliers both directly and indirectly, supports them in adapting change and integration with Marilina's system and supports the customer auditors at their headquarters, so as to be at their side when dealing with brands.
Being part of Marilina's supply chain means entering a culturally evolved production system, which is active on the sustainability theme both on a daily basis as well as on start up projects that adds value not only to Marilina but also to all our suppliers.

SA 8000
ISO 14001
Anti Corruption Policy